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Well I have had the S-10 since 2010. Pretty much the S-10 has changed from the small block to a big
block. Old motor was a sweet piece, but after thinking it over I thought of going even faster sounded
better. Out with the small block and in with the big block. I will say this the big block will be a 632ci or
bigger with a set of Pontiac big chief heads and a sheet metal intake with two dominator carbs and using 3
nitrous systems. I must say the S-10 has went from mild to wild. The chassis has been updated, The rear
end has been updated to a Quarter Max Fab 9, The axles are 35 spline gun drilled from Moser
engineering. Spool and Pro gear, Aluminum bolt through center section, Quarter Max pro series anti roll
bar, Quarter Max pro series wish bone. Top gun 4 link. Data logger, On board fire system, A bigger tire
will be added and different rims.